Traffic data collection and counting Analyses for traffic modelling and safety Real-time traffic control

Everything You Need For Traffic Analytics In One Place

GoodVision provides automation tools in all stages of traffic projects, from AI traffic data collection to traffic modelling and real-time traffic control

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Traffic Data Collection
Get traffic data on your traffic surveys in the most convenient way ever
Traffic Modelling
Automate your traffic model calibration and save time on manual labour
Real-time Traffic Control
Get the most detailed and accurate traffic events for traffic control systems

Smart cities matter

Our cities growingly suffer from traffic congestion triggering air pollution, accidents and substantial economic losses reaching on an annual basis EUR 100 billion. Traffic management has thus become a fundamental and complex problem of every municipality.

GoodVision sees what the human eye does. We combine AI and big data analytics to create the unique, intelligent solution for adaptive traffic control and urban planning, allowing traffic to flow based on more accurate traffic insights than ever before!

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